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An important announcement

Dear Dabblers,

We would like to notify you that we will be shutting down the
Dabble DB service on May 18, 2011. After exploring other options
including finding another home for Dabble DB or continuing to
try to support it ourselves, we've come to this difficult
decision. We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

Your data will remain available for export by you through
May 18, 2011.  After May 18, your data will become unavailable,
so it is important to complete your data export no later than
May 18.  After May 18, we will begin the process of purging all
user data stored on our hardware.  To assist you with your data
export, we have prepared data export instructions, which you
can find at http://dabbledb.com/help/index/backup.

If you are a month-to-month Dabble DB service customer, we will
have stopped billing your credit card as of the date of this
letter, March 17, 2011.  If you are an annual or semi-annual
pre-paid customer, we will credit the card we have on file for
you with a prorated refund from March 17, 2011 to the end of
your pre-paid billing term. If you are a cheque-paying customer,
we will be issuing you a pro-rated refund by cheque and mailing
it out to the invoicing address we have on file.

If you have any questions related to exporting your data or the
closure of your account, please email support@dabbledb.com and
we will do our best to assist.

Thank you for having been a Dabble DB customer.

           The Dabble DB Team

“Software is Passé”

Webware hit the nail on the head when they said that. Here at Dabble DB, we believe that hosted databases are the way of the future and boxed software will eventually be a thing of the past.

Think of hosting your data online like having your own database personal assistant. We backup your data every two hours, instead of you having to take care of this yourself. When you have a question, we’re here to help you along. And, there’s no need to wait for next year’s edition for new features - you get them as we develop them.

Boxed software often limits your use to a single computer, which makes it impossible for remote access and sharing your data. Dabble DB lets you, and the people you would like to share your database with, have access from any computer around the globe.

Our newest addition has taken Dabble DB’s remote capabilities one step further by allowing you to access Pages from your Apple iPhone, Apple iTouch and all other Android services. As if you need another reason to be glued to your phone…

Dabble DB has been nominated in the “Say no to boxed software,” category for the Webware 100 awards and voting is taking place right now. We’re up against some pretty big players; so if you feel like showing Dabble some love and casting a vote for us, head over here

Dabble in the News

Our ears have been ringing and we now know why -  you’ve been talking about us.

We're curious to know how you’re using Dabble. Thanks to blogs and videos, every so often we get a glimpse.

Whether barrel prices are falling, or pirates are hijacking ships, oil is always a topic of conversation in the news and at home.  Recently, Jon Udell was chatting to a friend about oil and wanted to know where most of our oil comes from. Well, he did his research and used Dabble to create a nice map to show the results, complete with geographic percentage breakdowns.

Moving across the pond...

Simon Willison used Dabble to help him organize The Guardian's first ever Hack Day, which consisted of 37 demos, 24 hours, 15 guest hackers, 8 judges and a handful coveted trophies. More coverage here.

Dabble has also been getting quite a few tweets lately on Twitter.


Picture 4  

Picture 1

Edited_Picture 5

Your long range weather forecast calls for sun, wind, rain or snow.

“dabbledb: simplicity without sacrificing flexibility”

Business Ready is a fantastic company that can be described as "the 'go-to' for tactical answers for 'the little guy' just starting out." These guys (well in this case, ladies) are on the cutting edge of sourcing out new tech savvy tools and products that are easy to use and help small businesses hit the ground running. They have tested out some pretty cool products and have broken them down into concise and informative reviews on their blog, and not to mention they have a pretty good sense of humour to keep readers entertained.

As an avid reader of Business Ready's blog, I was happy to see them say such nice things about Dabble:

As Business Ready evolves, our need to collect, manage and share data continues to grow. We decided against a traditional CRM solution to manage our contacts, partly because of price, but mostly because our needs extend far beyond simple contact management. Having the ability to share all of our data from several worldwide locations is critical for us, so we decided to explore Dabble DB.

Working remotely has become more common as businesses have planted their roots internationally, allowing their employees to work outside of the office. Having the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world (provided there is Internet) allows the workflow to run smoothly and remain uninterrupted. Not to mention, it makes working in Belize much more accessible to the workaholic on vacation.

What I loved most about Dabble DB was the simplicity and flexibility. Within minutes I was able to create a customized solution with the ability to analyze the data in whatever way I wanted.

We sometimes get asked why we don't have pre-made forms for customers to use and we figure it's much like pre-made food, you can't take out the stuff you don't like and replace it with the things you do like. Being able to customize your database makes it fit your needs without all the unnecessary fillers and stay fresh and up to date.

The most compelling feature about Dabble DB is the ability to edit the underlying data model and configure fields right from the data entry form.

We're human and we all make mistakes, we figured why make it harder to fix and edit things for our customers?

To read the rest of the blog entry and learn more about Business Ready go here.

"I can't imagine the process being simpler."

Computerworld magazine reviewed Dabble DB in an article last week, and had some nice things to say about how fast and easy it is to get up and running:

Where Dabble DB shines is in importing multiple tables and then setting up relations among fields in different tables after the import. After less than half an hour (including watching an 8-minute demo video), I had imported my data and automatically set up relationships between what were separate Excel sheets.

I can't imagine the process being simpler.

They also complimented us on our "elegant interface" and the drag-and-drop form builder we introduced last year. Dabble DB wasn't the only product reviewed, but we're pleased with how we well we stack up against the competition.

Dabble DB hits the road.

There are some great conferences this month that have the people of Dabble DB packing their suitcases.  If you are doing the same, find us and say hello!

Avi is speaking at SXSW Interactive and QCon and will be attending NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference.  Andrew will be joining him at SXSW and NTC. 

Webware 100 finalist

The Webware 100 Awards have come around again.  A list of 4,600 qualifying web 2.0 services is down to 300 finalists.  Yours truly is included in an impressive list of productivity applications. Please take a moment to VOTE before March 31, 2008.


Smallthought Systems in BizTech Magazine

Three Nimble, Fast and Small software startups are featured in the September 2007 issue of CDW's BizTech Magazine: Ipolipo, 37Signals, and yours truly.  Many thanks to Dave Chappelle for the words and Christopher J. Morris for the photos.


Web 2.0, Step 3: get Dabble DB

In an InformationWeek article on “How To Get Started With Web 2.0”, David Strom writes that “Pick a Web-friendly database server” is step 3 - in particular, Dabble DB:

Most of the Web 2.0 technologies involve getting better access, reports, and front-end query interfaces from existing corporate databases. So the best place to start is to choose lightweight projects that can quickly take this information and put it online. “Dabble DB is very Web 2.0 friendly,” says Bob Matsuoka, the founder of RunTime Technologies in New York City. “It’s a generic object database that works with simple data types, and is very easy to use.” You can upload your data in a spreadsheet in a matter of minutes and build a simple application that can cost a few dollars a month to host on their servers, or create a public application for free, according to information on the site.

David’s other recommendations include blogs, wikis, and social networks. The common thread? Tools that empower users to take IT into their own hands. Buzzword or no, this sounds like something we could get behind.

G-Fearing Technologists

And of course by G I mean Google.. The announcement of Google Office, combined with recent news of Kiko running square into Google Calendar and opting for an Ebay IPO, has everyone in a tizzy. We’re even getting people asking us what we’re going to do even though, as far as I know, Google doesn’t even have a product that competes with Dabble*.

The lesson in all of this isn’t a new one. As David has said, you have to be different, you have to create your own blue oceans. Sorry folks, all recent irrational fear and excitement aside, this isn’t a consequence of the mighty G. It was already true.

* Update: despite the fact that there are those who are convinced that Dabble is a spreadsheet ;)