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Login Problems

Update: Things should now be back to normal.  We'll be taking a close look at our systems to ensure that this problem doesn't happen again.  


Already posted in our users forum, Twitter, and replied to emails that we're having problems with our authentication server.  We're working to fix this and/or work around it.  We'll be sure to pass on any news as we have it.  Thanks all for your patience.


  1. Jon Cunningham says:

    SO not impressed.

    Can't you have some redundancy - is that the right word - built into your systems. I'm losing money, and getting more behind, minute by minute...

    And we have had so few updates? A whole lot of UK folk not happy.

  2. Jon Cunningham says:

    p.s. and you haven't replied to all emails. Between me and my clients we sent four emails; all remain unanswered.

  3. Jon Cunningham says:

    p.s. you didn't reply to my emails, or my clients

  4. Steven Brame says:

    Same here. No way I could justify paying for this product with this level of service...or rather...lack of service.

  5. Edward Rawles says:

    As mentioned by Jon Cunningham, there are signicant financial implications for many customers of this service. It is imperative that we are kept in the loop and that notifications are sent to all aministrators and users of service when there are issues with the service. I remain unable to access the my database as I have done since 08:30(GMT). I trust that you are doing everything in your power to resolve the issue but I request that you consider reimbursment of service costs, however small, to all those who have been affected. Please inform me when regular service has been restored.

    Your Sincerely

    Edward Rawles

  6. Jon Cunningham says:

    I pay $588/year.

    And Steven, I hate to defend, but it is their ONLY problem; the system is awesome.

  7. MDA says:

    There should be a more "user-friendly" message when your system goes down, rather than simply a login failure leaving users with the impression that their password is not valid, offering to reset the password (not necessary since that's not the problem), failing to deliver the reset password email, not responding to online support requests, etc. At a minimum, an email alert should go out to all customers as soon as such a problem is identified at your end, rather than leaving us guessing.

  8. Jasbir Gosal says:

    I agree with Jon and Edward the system is very good and we have been using it with 20 + users up till now with no real issues. That said this is now costing us money and there should be some financial compensation however small.

  9. Edward Rawles says:

    I am pleased to say that the service has been restored. Thank you Dabble. My previous comment still stands though.

  10. Kim Snyder says:

    I also want to chime in that I think Dabble provides a great value service. These things do happen. I have been satisfied with responses from the team.

  11. Jon Cunningham says:

    Thanks - same as Edward...

  12. Steven Brame says:

    Yes, and because "these things do happen", redundancy is warranted.

  13. Luke Andrews says:

    Hey folks: we hear you all loud and clear. We're working on improving our backup systems to make events like this far less disruptive in the future, and improving how disruptions can be communicated more clearly. That will include more user-friendly messages, and a better alert system.

  14. Jon Cunningham says:

    Thanks Luke. I'll look forward to seeing/hearing about these...

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