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“Software is Passé”

Webware hit the nail on the head when they said that. Here at Dabble DB, we believe that hosted databases are the way of the future and boxed software will eventually be a thing of the past.

Think of hosting your data online like having your own database personal assistant. We backup your data every two hours, instead of you having to take care of this yourself. When you have a question, we’re here to help you along. And, there’s no need to wait for next year’s edition for new features - you get them as we develop them.

Boxed software often limits your use to a single computer, which makes it impossible for remote access and sharing your data. Dabble DB lets you, and the people you would like to share your database with, have access from any computer around the globe.

Our newest addition has taken Dabble DB’s remote capabilities one step further by allowing you to access Pages from your Apple iPhone, Apple iTouch and all other Android services. As if you need another reason to be glued to your phone…

Dabble DB has been nominated in the “Say no to boxed software,” category for the Webware 100 awards and voting is taking place right now. We’re up against some pretty big players; so if you feel like showing Dabble some love and casting a vote for us, head over here


  1. Bernhard Pieber says:

    Still, I would almost die for a desktop version which can be used offline. It would definitely be much nicer to use. Dabble DB feels so slow here!

  2. Kirk Gustafson says:

    Wow! Have things ever changed in the past year + 1/2!! Dabbledb amd my Creative Commons license have gone from "cloudware" to "vaporware"??

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