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Introducing Dshbrd

Like anyone on the web, traffic is the lifeblood of our business.  We use Google Analytics to track our visitors, referrals, conversions and other crucial metrics.  It's easy to spend hours immersed in the charts and tables that Google provides.  Too easy: we've often wished that Analytics did a little more, well, analysis.  Could a piece of software look for some of the same things we do, summarize the most important findings, and cut our analytics sessions from hours to minutes?

The Google Analytics data API, released to the public today, but in private beta for the last several months, was our chance to find out.  We've used it to pull together some clever math, some fun visualizations, and a lot of guesswork, with one goal: to show us less than we were seeing in the standard interface, but tell us more.  In this spirit of concision, we've been calling the result our "dshbrd", and it's been a great boon for us in understanding our business.  Now that the API is open to anyone, we're working to bring the same benefit to everyone else.  If this sounds interesting, head over to the signup page at dshbrd.com, and we'll contact you in the coming weeks.


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