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Is it a Freeway or a Highway? Your Dabble DB Terminology Quick Guide

Many of the staff here at Dabble have lived in different countries and have experienced the confusion of regional word variations. After a quick chat, we came up with a few of our favourite words that we have stumbled across.

Pop, soda pop, soda and coke - whatever it is, it’s sure to quench that sugary, caffeine, fizzy craving you might have.

Pants: another one of those funny words. After buying new work clothes, you might ask your Canadian coworker what they think of your new pants and they might give you an honest answer. Take the same scenario in the UK, and your coworker might look slightly embarrassed.

Like travelers in another country, new Dabble customers are often confused by word variations compared to programs like Access and Excel.

Application - Your Dabble DB account can be made up of many Applications. Each Application is what you might call a database, a spreadsheet or a set of related spreadsheets. Within your Application, you can have many Categories and link one Category to another Category.

Category – Dabble calls what other databases call a worksheet or table, a Category and we do this because you don't have to view the data in a table (calendars, charts, etc.)

Field – A Field can be thought of as a column, and within each Field, you can have many entries. A field is like a column, and in the sense that each row has several columns, it's more accurate to say that each entry can have many fields.

Entry – An entry is more like a row in a table/Excel. Or what many databases call a "record". Entries in the same category will have the same fields just as rows in the same table will have the same columns.

Filter - where other systems ask you to "search" or "query", in Dabble we ask you to "filter" your data to show you only the parts of it that interest you at any one time.

Link – Defining a relationship between entries in different categories. In Access, you may be used to the terms primary and foreign key. Dabble does not use keys, we use links.

Link to Entry – Link to Entry fields are for one-to-one links, like when you want to link an entry in category A with a single entry in category B.

List of Entries – List of Entries are for one-to-many relationships, when you want to link an entry in category A to several entries in category B.

Derived Fields – Derived fields allows you to pull/look up data from links that you have set up. A derived field doesn’t copy your data; it just shows it in the view.

If you are ever confused about the terminology you come across in Dabble, our Help Index http://dabbledb.com/help/index/ is a great resource to use.  If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a line -  info@dabbledb.com


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