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So Long 2008, Hello 2009

It's that time of year where we sit back, sip on some holiday cheer and reflect about the year gone by, and think about what the year ahead has in store.

The Guardian has compiled a list of the 100 top sites for the year ahead and yours truly has made the cut - think of it as your New Year's Resolution to visit these sites.  Since 2006, the most prominent changes "have been in the fields of collaborative online services that let people in different locations work simultaneously on projects." We feel that remote access and online collaboration are necessary as more and more people are working remotely and globally.

As Dabble DB matures, the rate at which we release new features has slowed, but we have been very busy behind the scenes making sure that performance and stability are up to par as we continue to grow.

Recently, we released Magic/Replace - a new data cleanup tool that we think will help change and simplify the way you clean and organize your data.  If you haven’t had a chance to wave our magic wand over your messy data, head over to www.cleanupdata.com and check it out for yourself. 

Magic/Replace has been popping up in your Tweets.

Picture 4

Picture 3

Picture 2

We wish you all a very happy holiday season, and look forward to showing you what Dabble has in store for the coming year.



  1. mitchell_pgh says:

    Great idea... and it would be great to build it directly into DabbleDB. The one that drives me crazy is Address information.

    Pennsylvania vs. PA

    I would LOVE for dabble to validate US addresses against the USPS address database in the same way FedEx does.

    A boy can dream...

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for focusing on stability and performance before features. No shortcut to greatness (but you're well on the way;)

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