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We're curious to know how you’re using Dabble. Thanks to blogs and videos, every so often we get a glimpse.

Whether barrel prices are falling, or pirates are hijacking ships, oil is always a topic of conversation in the news and at home.  Recently, Jon Udell was chatting to a friend about oil and wanted to know where most of our oil comes from. Well, he did his research and used Dabble to create a nice map to show the results, complete with geographic percentage breakdowns.

Moving across the pond...

Simon Willison used Dabble to help him organize The Guardian's first ever Hack Day, which consisted of 37 demos, 24 hours, 15 guest hackers, 8 judges and a handful coveted trophies. More coverage here.

Dabble has also been getting quite a few tweets lately on Twitter.


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Your long range weather forecast calls for sun, wind, rain or snow.


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