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Archives: October 2008

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Plays well with others

Dabble has always given you great ways to get your data out via our computer readable exports, but it hasn't been as easy as we'd like for you to edit the data and get it back into your database. To improve this, we've introduced some features that you can use to introduce Dabble to some of the other applications out there.

Entry ID numbers

Some of our more intrepid customers have noticed that Dabble assigns an internal ID number to everything in their database, but they couldn't use these numbers in imports as a key to match their existing data. Well, I'm pleased to announce that now you can now match against these internal Dabble-generated IDs while importing. We at Dabble have been using this feature already as we're developing it, and we think it makes editing your data in a spreadsheet and getting it back into Dabble much easier.


But maybe you don't like our existing entry ID numbers, which aren't necessarily sequential or specific to a category. Old database pros might want an autoincrement field, and so we've added this feature to Dabble. When configuring a text field, there's a new option, called 'autoincrement' that works with your default value. If I type in 'THX-1138,' Dabble will assign 'THX-1138' to the default field of the next planet object I create, and increment the default to 'THX-1139.' This should help our users who depend on sequential values for a particular category, not just for imports but also bookkeeping.


Excel-friendly export

Our CSV export has served us well, but we've always wanted to be able to do an export targeted more directly at the millions of Microsoft Excel users out there. We finally found something that works nicely, and so you can now download data directly to Excel from Dabble. We're pleased with it.


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