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Giving Dabble DB a time machine

We received this email earlier today:


It's not the first.  Every week, we field requests like this, and we're always delighted to help, because we know all too well the sickening feeling of accidentally deleting or overwriting data, and the relief of being able to restore from a complete and recent backup.  But today, I was even more delighted to be able to give a different response:

Dear [Customer],

Please check the Backup & History tab of the Admin page, and you should find a tool that looks like this:



Just choose one of the listed restore points, wait a minute or so, and you can log back in with everything exactly the way it used to be.  And I do mean everything: user permissions, color scheme, attachments, and of course your data, in every application, will be rolled back (about the only thing that won't change is your plan and payment info).

Hope this helps,

Dabble DB on Twitter

In an effort to keep everyone more informed about what's going on with Dabble DB, we've started a Twitter profile. If you'd like to get updates on service, new features, or if you just want to fire a quick question our way, you can now follow us there.

Emergency server maintenance

One of our servers has been taken down for emergency maintenance. Please visit the forum for more information.

Update: The server is back online. We apologize for the disruption.

“dabbledb: simplicity without sacrificing flexibility”

Business Ready is a fantastic company that can be described as "the 'go-to' for tactical answers for 'the little guy' just starting out." These guys (well in this case, ladies) are on the cutting edge of sourcing out new tech savvy tools and products that are easy to use and help small businesses hit the ground running. They have tested out some pretty cool products and have broken them down into concise and informative reviews on their blog, and not to mention they have a pretty good sense of humour to keep readers entertained.

As an avid reader of Business Ready's blog, I was happy to see them say such nice things about Dabble:

As Business Ready evolves, our need to collect, manage and share data continues to grow. We decided against a traditional CRM solution to manage our contacts, partly because of price, but mostly because our needs extend far beyond simple contact management. Having the ability to share all of our data from several worldwide locations is critical for us, so we decided to explore Dabble DB.

Working remotely has become more common as businesses have planted their roots internationally, allowing their employees to work outside of the office. Having the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world (provided there is Internet) allows the workflow to run smoothly and remain uninterrupted. Not to mention, it makes working in Belize much more accessible to the workaholic on vacation.

What I loved most about Dabble DB was the simplicity and flexibility. Within minutes I was able to create a customized solution with the ability to analyze the data in whatever way I wanted.

We sometimes get asked why we don't have pre-made forms for customers to use and we figure it's much like pre-made food, you can't take out the stuff you don't like and replace it with the things you do like. Being able to customize your database makes it fit your needs without all the unnecessary fillers and stay fresh and up to date.

The most compelling feature about Dabble DB is the ability to edit the underlying data model and configure fields right from the data entry form.

We're human and we all make mistakes, we figured why make it harder to fix and edit things for our customers?

To read the rest of the blog entry and learn more about Business Ready go here.

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