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Giving Dabble DB a time machine

We received this email earlier today:


It's not the first.  Every week, we field requests like this, and we're always delighted to help, because we know all too well the sickening feeling of accidentally deleting or overwriting data, and the relief of being able to restore from a complete and recent backup.  But today, I was even more delighted to be able to give a different response:

Dear [Customer],

Please check the Backup & History tab of the Admin page, and you should find a tool that looks like this:



Just choose one of the listed restore points, wait a minute or so, and you can log back in with everything exactly the way it used to be.  And I do mean everything: user permissions, color scheme, attachments, and of course your data, in every application, will be rolled back (about the only thing that won't change is your plan and payment info).

Hope this helps,


  1. Judson says:

    Hot! :)

  2. Grant Hutchinson says:

    DabbleDB just keeps getting better. The ability to restore from multiple snapshots is more than I could ever ask for … not that I’ve needed the capability. It’s reassuring to know it’s there if I do.


  3. George John says:

    Hm - don't you think sending deleted items to a trash bin (from which they can be recovered) is a better solution? Plus, alerting users when a delete is going to cascade and delete rows in other tables?

    On a multi-user system, restoring the whole system from a snapshot would require a followup email to all users along the lines of "attention everyone, I accidentally deleted a record today and restored the dabble system to the snapshot from 8:30 this morning, so any changes since then have been lost. Please go back in and re-enter any data."

  4. Daryl Porter says:

    This is an extremely welcome enhancement.

    This plus the division between satellite & core interfaces is a big step toward being able to roll out and manage multi-user systems under true administrative control.

  5. Luke Andrews says:

    George, we don't see it this an alternative to a trash bin concept. That's a much more difficult thing to achieve because of the possible cascading effects of each change to your data. We do already offer an undo for the most recent change.

  6. James says:

    This looks great, thanks! I would suggest a per-application feedback if that is technically possible, but understand it may not be. Still a great addition!

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