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My first week at Dabble has been full of learning, a lot of learning. As Dayna has been bringing me up to speed with customer accounts and general office processes I have observed a few other things. First, these guys work crazy hours (thus providing stellar, around the clock customer service!), Dabblers are some of the most responsive customers (it's great seeing all of your feedback) and one of the other interesting things I have noted is that there are the same two pigeons that hang out on the dock every day (they perch, take two steps, perch and take another two steps only to perch again). If you go into the August 2006 archive you can see said deck.

Before becoming Dabble's Marketing/Office Manager, I was a Production Coordinator for a company in Vancouver. I am very excited for what the future holds with Dabble. The guys are a great team and I am thrilled and honoured to be working with such talent.

The wheel in my brain is starting to turn and I am anxious to put on my boots, saddle up my horse and get riding.

Oh, and I'm Natasha by the way.


  1. Harvey says:

    Welcome. If you become more an online voice for the company, then that would be wonderful.
    I've enjoyed watching dabble grow, but have felt it was missing out on an opportunity to spread more good dabble-word by more frequent blogging on people's experience, etc.
    So if the posts are going to trend up with your addition, I think that would be a good for dabble. Yes,the future is bright no doubt. Shine on.

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