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"I can't imagine the process being simpler."

Computerworld magazine reviewed Dabble DB in an article last week, and had some nice things to say about how fast and easy it is to get up and running:

Where Dabble DB shines is in importing multiple tables and then setting up relations among fields in different tables after the import. After less than half an hour (including watching an 8-minute demo video), I had imported my data and automatically set up relationships between what were separate Excel sheets.

I can't imagine the process being simpler.

They also complimented us on our "elegant interface" and the drag-and-drop form builder we introduced last year. Dabble DB wasn't the only product reviewed, but we're pleased with how we well we stack up against the competition.


  1. poindexter says:

    But, but, where are the sample on-line databases I can take a look at before I decide?

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