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Return of the son of the demo

In March 2006, we got a last minute invite to do a 7 minute long demo of Dabble DB at the Under the Radar conference in Mountain View. When we took Best in Show at the conference, we realized that the demo might be a pretty good one, so we recorded it to put on our website. The response was overwhelmingly positive: apparently it was linked to so frequently that it still shows up as #4 in the google results for the demo. How do you follow that? Well, for two years, we didn't. The product evolved and improved weekly, but the demo stayed frozen in time, 7 minutes of early 2006 preserved for the ages.

Enough is enough: there is finally a new, improved, and elongated demo up at dabbledb.com. Elongated? Yes, although I tried my best to get this new demo under the 7 minute line, it just wasn't possible: we've added too much cool stuff to Dabble DB in the last two years to make it fit. So please, watch our new 8 minute demo and let me know what you think in the comments.


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