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*or* = More

We're continuing to expand the possibilities with Dabble DB's filters to make it easier for users to search their data and find what they need. Starting from today, you can use the "wildcard" asterisk at the end and/or beginning of a search term to find partial matches in your text. If you can't remember if someone's first name is "Elizabeth" or "Lizzy", for example, searching for *liz* will now match both.

This feature also comes in really handy when searching email addresses and web site URLs. For example, filtering for *@dabbledb.com would match any email address ending in "@dabbledb.com". Filtering for *.dabbledb.com* would match "www.dabbledb.com", "blog.dabbledb.com", "http://dabbledb.com/", "dabbledb.com/explore", and myriad other possibilities.

Happy searching!


Temporary service outage

Hi everyone,

We currently experiencing a temporary server problem. We're working to resolve it as fast as we can. When we have a resolution or more information, we will post it here and at the users' forum.

Update: We experienced a temporary server problem today from about 9 AM to 10:30 AM Eastern time. The situation has now been resolved and everything should be back to normal.

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