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This or that.

There is a new addition to our filters feature set.

  • Enrollment Date: June 2005; June 2007
    • The result will be entries from June 2005 OR June 2007
  • State: NY; CA
    • The result will be entries from New York OR California
  • Last Name: a*; b*
    • The result will be entries beginning with the letter a OR b

We know a few of you have been waiting patiently for this one and we hope you enjoy it.

A new Dabble DB user shows off.

Here is an example from a customer who recently found Dabble DB.  He sent us an email after creating his first page: "Thanks for creating Dabble DB, it's a great product!  I am too embarrassed to tell you how long I spent trying to put together a form like this from scratch."  We've been lucky enough to see it progress to this stage - adding the Google Maps were a great final touch.

Aloha Top Ten is a Hawaiian vacation website.  With this online form they will gather information into their Dabble DB database and use it to provide vacations quotes for interested customers. 


The customer has been holding off on having this form go public, it really needed a calendar date picker for his date fields.  Next on my to do list: email Christian and let him know that has been added - the advent of pages convinced us there was a need.

Calendar picker

Pages and Views

When we announced Pages at the end of August, Andrew hinted that it was only the start of our support for what we call "core" and "satellite" users. His post gave a good overview of why Pages exist and how our customers led us to them. With that in mind, I'm happy to announce Embedded Views: the next, but not last, step in our vision for Pages.

Dabble DB has always supported sharing your views with the world, so that anyone can see the reports you've built. With Pages, you could also collect data from the world, with custom built forms shared with satellite users or anyone else. What we're announcing today is a powerful combination of these two features. Embedding a view into a page form allows anyone accessing that page to access, visualize, and optionally edit, via the form, the restricted set of records visible in that view. We think Pages is now a robust enough platform that many users can do comprehensive work with access only to Pages. In other words, Dabble DB is taking a significant step towards being not just a database tool, but an application development tool.

Table view with form

For example, say you're a sales associate:

  • You only want to see your leads, and you don't want any other sales associate to see yours. None of them want you to see theirs, either.
  • You want to login to a page and see every view you have permission to see.
  • You need to be able to view charts, maps, and tables of your leads.

For the first time in Dabble, you can build this kind of system and host it entirely at Dabble, with no external server or coding necessary.

Calendar view with form

As another example, say you work in an office and you want to wrangle your coworkers' schedules:

  • They want to be able to enter their vacations by paging through a calendar to see when other people will be there.
  • You want people in your office do be able to bookmark a personalized calendar every morning, to see and edit all their appointments for the day.

On a personal note, this is the Dabble feature I've been most excited for, and I'm thrilled to see what our users will build. Meanwhile, we'll be continuing to expand Pages further, and we'd love to know what you think.


A global community of educators and Dabble DB.

We've recently asked the folks at the Discovery Educator Network to share their Dabble DB story.   They have created an application that has their community of educators efficiently sharing events and information.  Click here to see the details. 

Pages lets you format the text in your text boxes

When building a form in Dabble DB's Pages, you can include a text box for instructions or additional information.  It is also the first place that has text formating capabilities.  These boxes were enabled with markdown language functionality. 

To begin with, use of the formatting required you find the syntax guide and code the text yourself.
Recently, a tool bar has been added!  Select the text, select the effect, see the markdown syntax.


Now you can make your forms look even better with a little design.


Let us attach files please.

What our users have been saying:

  • "I know this is a request asked by a number of users, however I need to know if there is a plan to allow files to be attached to database records, and if so an approximate ETA."
  • "In my test application I have the need to show pictures or files associated to certain fields."
  • "Any idea when the capability to attach pictures will be included?  This would be really useful for the CRM-like app that I'm working with."
  • "Let me add a vote to the image upload request!"
  • "My requirement is to be able to attach Word and Excel documents."
  • "The ability to upload a file and use it as a field/data-type is crucial.  If I wanted to use Dabble DB to track contracts for example, I would want a field so that I could upload the actual contracts for example, I would want a field so that I could upload the actual contract document."

What we've done about it:


Combine this feature with our recently announced Pages feature and you are now able to have people fill in an application form on your website and upload their resume at the same time, for example.  Maybe you just want to store a product shots for each item in your inventory or digitally store receipts in your expense tracking application.  The storage limits are in our pricing table.  The details are in our help pages.   

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