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The unsexy decisions when starting your business.

There are many large feats to overcome when turning a brilliant business idea into a successful operation.  A quick search will pull up pages and pages of guides, tips, and assistance.  Very few of those lists go down to the the level of taking time in selecting the right tools for managing, say, you and your partner's garden design projects, or your yoga studio's member/teacher/class database.

Sure, securing assets, designing the website, finding the right location, taking care of the legal logistics, and other big picture items get all the glory.  Keep in mind, getting your systematized work flow right in the early stages lets you continue to focus on the idea and not the administration.

For the purposes of igniting your imagination when working with Dabble DB, take a look at some of the ways other users are quickly growing to rely on their applications.

If you are a new business using Dabble DB and would be interested in becoming a case study or have a story that should be included in our list, send us an email.



  1. Business development says:

    So true. A properly setup workflow can work wonders for efficiency. Saves sooo much time.


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