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Need to send an email?

We've recently had a few people ask how to extract email addresses from their databases.  In case you have the same question, here are some steps.

1. Make sure Dabble DB knows your data includes the email addresses.  Configure the field to by choosing the email address option under the Text Value options.

2. Create a view that includes the email addresses you need.  Do you just need your "Platinum Donors" or "Overdue Customers"?  Make use of Dabble DB's filters to specify your list.  If you want all the entries in a particular view, leave all the check boxes unchecked

3. At the bottom of your screen in the green bar is the "Actions..." menu.  Select "Send mail to [name of your email field] of [checked/all]".


4. The box below will appear with the entire comma-separated list ready for a copy-and-paste into your email application.


If you weren't already using this feature, I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Jim Canto says:

    Folks... some of you will not make this mistake... but, an all to common mistake, when performing this type of cut and paste, is to paste e-mails into a field other than the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field of your e-mail program. To some of you, this is common knowledge. To others, just know that if you paste into a field other than BCC, all recipients will be able to see all of the e-mail addresses you've pasted in (and they usually can copy them as well). So, if you need to keep them private or protected, be certain to use the BCC field when you send. I hope this was useful to some of you.

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