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Web 2.0, Step 3: get Dabble DB

In an InformationWeek article on “How To Get Started With Web 2.0”, David Strom writes that “Pick a Web-friendly database server” is step 3 - in particular, Dabble DB:

Most of the Web 2.0 technologies involve getting better access, reports, and front-end query interfaces from existing corporate databases. So the best place to start is to choose lightweight projects that can quickly take this information and put it online. “Dabble DB is very Web 2.0 friendly,” says Bob Matsuoka, the founder of RunTime Technologies in New York City. “It’s a generic object database that works with simple data types, and is very easy to use.” You can upload your data in a spreadsheet in a matter of minutes and build a simple application that can cost a few dollars a month to host on their servers, or create a public application for free, according to information on the site.

David’s other recommendations include blogs, wikis, and social networks. The common thread? Tools that empower users to take IT into their own hands. Buzzword or no, this sounds like something we could get behind.


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