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The long ponytail

I’d like once more to share a piece of feedback from one of our users. Simon Mulholland just signed up for a trial today, and writes:

Totally awe inspiring. Data has sat around for up to 7 years and only now can I do something with it. And this is within 15 minutes of signing up. The instructions are clear and work. The system seems endlessly adaptable by a complete technophobe and it allows me to create the system i want. Very few contact management systems are easy to configure when the customer is a pony and the “owners” are just cheque book operators. But as a saddlechariot builder, I have to sell to the pony, and build the vehicle and harness to suit the pony. I really don’t care what shape the people are, their nicknames or their spouses name. Are the ponies actually horses, or donkeys or mules, are they barefoot, are they still forced to wear a bit, how big does their bum look in this and how wide at the neck, these matter.

What’s the total world market for contact management software tailored to saddlechariot builders? Very small. How about the total average IT budget for someone like Simon? Even smaller. But when a “complete technophobe” can build something in 15 minutes that serves him better than his 7 year old spreadsheet, what does it matter?

If you’ll excuse the buzzword, this is the long tail in action, and I love it. It’s also a great demonstration of why we’ve shunned templates so far in Dabble DB: how many database systems do you know with contact management templates that include a “Shoed Hoof” field or a “Horse | Donkey | Mule” picklist?

Simon catches us out in the end of his post, however: “Just not sure if I can get Dabble-DB to accept hands as units.” Good point. We’ve got deep, intelligent handling of dates and times (including timespans and durations), of geographic locations, and of money (including currency conversions), but we don’t yet know anything about hands, furlongs, or parsecs. Simon, it’s on the todo list. We’ve got some distance to cover, but we’ll get there.


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