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So easy even a pirate can do it..

I’ve been meaning to post a follow-up on the Dabble Commons, maybe writing up an example. Looks like I was too slow: in the meantime Scott Leslie at Edtechpost beat me to it, detailing an ed tech conference list he put together:

So, from static HTML page to database with multiple views, and the ability for other users to add new entries, in less time than it actually took me to type this post. Even better though might have been if the originator of the list had chosen DabbleDB (or one of the other web-based databases or online calendars on this list, itself done in DabbleDB - oy, my head hurts!) to begin with and opened it up to the community to populate and maintain. Right?

Cool stuff. This is just the kind of community resource we had in mind for Commons. Thanks for writing this up, Scott.


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