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Who are you and what is your business?

I know, such personal questions, but I want to collect examples of the different ways current customers are using Dabble DB. All of you have unique needs when it comes to uses for our service. I’m looking for the broadest cross-section I can get – the self-employed professionals managing client lists; the businesses controlling member or product information; the event planners scheduling conferences and events.

If you are interested in potentially having your story on our website and are willing to answer a few questions for me, please send an email to info@dabbledb.com.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you use Dabble DB.

Back under the radar

After last year’s successful run at Under The Radar, I’ve decided to drop by this year’s version, along with Ben, our newest developer.

We’ll have a table in the Graduate Circle: drop by and say hi..

In other news, Avi will be giving a tutorial on the design decisions behind Seaside at next week’s Etech. It should be chock-full of heretical goodness, so check it out if you get the chance.

Spread the Dabble DB word

What a fun way to make my first appearance on the Dabble blog – I get to start by announcing a really exciting new program that helps you earn credit on your account! My name is Dayna and as of a week ago I’m officially the new girl in the office. Wait… the only girl in the office.

Here it is.

Dabble DB has launched the exciting first stage of its referral incentive. The new Affiliate Program asks customers, like you, to introduce friends, family and colleagues to our service.

This is easy to do. If someone you refer subscribes to a monthly plan after their free trial, we will credit your account with an amount equivalent to their first month’s payment.

Click the “Affiliate Program” tab in the settings of your database for easy instructions, to send your invites today and to track your referrals so you can see your credit earnings.

See what I mean? A great way to make a first blog post.

So easy even a pirate can do it..

I’ve been meaning to post a follow-up on the Dabble Commons, maybe writing up an example. Looks like I was too slow: in the meantime Scott Leslie at Edtechpost beat me to it, detailing an ed tech conference list he put together:

So, from static HTML page to database with multiple views, and the ability for other users to add new entries, in less time than it actually took me to type this post. Even better though might have been if the originator of the list had chosen DabbleDB (or one of the other web-based databases or online calendars on this list, itself done in DabbleDB - oy, my head hurts!) to begin with and opened it up to the community to populate and maintain. Right?

Cool stuff. This is just the kind of community resource we had in mind for Commons. Thanks for writing this up, Scott.

The long ponytail

I’d like once more to share a piece of feedback from one of our users. Simon Mulholland just signed up for a trial today, and writes:

Totally awe inspiring. Data has sat around for up to 7 years and only now can I do something with it. And this is within 15 minutes of signing up. The instructions are clear and work. The system seems endlessly adaptable by a complete technophobe and it allows me to create the system i want. Very few contact management systems are easy to configure when the customer is a pony and the “owners” are just cheque book operators. But as a saddlechariot builder, I have to sell to the pony, and build the vehicle and harness to suit the pony. I really don’t care what shape the people are, their nicknames or their spouses name. Are the ponies actually horses, or donkeys or mules, are they barefoot, are they still forced to wear a bit, how big does their bum look in this and how wide at the neck, these matter.

What’s the total world market for contact management software tailored to saddlechariot builders? Very small. How about the total average IT budget for someone like Simon? Even smaller. But when a “complete technophobe” can build something in 15 minutes that serves him better than his 7 year old spreadsheet, what does it matter?

If you’ll excuse the buzzword, this is the long tail in action, and I love it. It’s also a great demonstration of why we’ve shunned templates so far in Dabble DB: how many database systems do you know with contact management templates that include a “Shoed Hoof” field or a “Horse | Donkey | Mule” picklist?

Simon catches us out in the end of his post, however: “Just not sure if I can get Dabble-DB to accept hands as units.” Good point. We’ve got deep, intelligent handling of dates and times (including timespans and durations), of geographic locations, and of money (including currency conversions), but we don’t yet know anything about hands, furlongs, or parsecs. Simon, it’s on the todo list. We’ve got some distance to cover, but we’ll get there.

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