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Yahoo! Pipes

I’ve been talking about “pipes and filters for the web” since leading a session with that title at FOO Camp last summer, and Yahoo has just released the most direct riff on that meme yet: Pipes. Although they’re coming at things from a very different angle (shades of Prograph or Max/MSP as well as Automator), Pipes seems to me very much in the spirit of what we’re doing with our data import and plugin features, and it makes me very happy to see something so polished come out in this space. It’s also nice of Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny to acknowledge us in his post on Pipes, as well as Dapper - I’d also, incidentally, put openkapow on the same list.

Congratulations to the Pipes team, I’m looking forward to tinkering with plumbing.


  1. Bo Aphran says:

    Pipes is even more powerful now when has the reg exp operator. I'm reading this tutorial ( http://theytookmystapler.blogspot.com/2007/09/yahoo-pipes-case-study-of-using-regex.html ) on it, I will use Pipes with the reg exp operator to change the titles of my Flickr pictures.

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