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Dabble Commons: Call For Contributors

Up to now we’ve always presented Dabble as a way to manage private applications, and the consensus seems to be that this is working great. However, there are some types of data that just want to be free. For example:

Community-oriented data: Event schedules, niche job boards, public knowledge bases.

Visualizations of already-public data: Census statistics, weather and other measurements.

To support this kind of thing, we’re announcing our first version of the Dabble Commons. Here’s how Commons databases work:

  • They are 100% free.
  • All content is released under a Creative Commons license.
  • All data is made publicly available: A front page will be available for each application in a public database. These provide access to all saved views, and to default views displaying all data. As well, we’ll make sure Commons data is indexed by search engines, and once we’ve given people a chance to build up a good set of cool Commons databases, we’ll provide some more custom ways to search and browse through them ourselves.

To get people thinking, we’ve quickly put together a couple of example public databases:

State-by-state housing statistics with data from the US Census website.

A schedule for the upcoming Etech conference put on by O’Reilly.

Also, Ismael Ghalimi has agreed to have his now famous Office 2.0 Database be converted to a Dabble Commons database to allow further exploration.

It’s of course funny that on the same day Google announces a paid version of their free service, we announce a free version of our paid service. What can I say, we’re contrarians. :)


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