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It’s been a couple of months since I last shared customer feedback, so here’s some more. I received the email below from John Felt, the CIO of the Advocacy Center for Louisiana. I’m reproducing it with his permission:

Let me commend you folks for creating a really impressive platform. I have already created several working applications and have passed a couple of more down to one of my employees to manage. I did all of the evaluation I need, and am now ready to take the plunge - not just with a purchase but with a migration of all our data (mostly spreadsheets but some Filemaker, SQL Server, Postgres and MySQL databases) to Dabble.

As a database guy I can’t praise y’all enough. The thing Dabble gives me is TIME. I have no trouble creating and managing SQL databases, that sort of thing is easy and fun for me… what’s NOT easy and fun is UI and basic CRUD functionality rolled out to a non-technical user base. I have found with Dabble that my time to implementation has gone down from a week with a typical Postgres/MySQL database with a web front end to a few hours with Dabble. Having a consistent look and feel for my applications and the freedom of not having to create a new UI for every app gives me the ability to roll out more actual apps to my users so they can get things done. As a sidebar I would also say that while I know you are marketing your application toward the spreadsheet user, Dabble DB is an INCREDIBLE tool for data modeling. If I found something I needed to do in MS SQL or Postgres for some reason I would now model the data in Dabble first and then, once I was comfortable with my tables, export out and back into SQL.

Thanks, John, and best of luck with your migration.


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