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Rethinking exports

We’ve tinkered with the exports in Dabble which allow you to publish views for your colleagues, or, if you choose, for the general public to see.

The big news is that you can now (finally!) export calendar views. They’re fully browsable too, so someone can click forward and backward through the months, weeks and days of your data. As with any view, you can use filters to limit what is and isn’t included in the calendar to limit the scope of the export. Exportable calendar views are one of our most-requested features so we’re pleased to be able to introduce this. Consider it an early Christmas present for those of you that celebrate such things. Or consider it a right-on-time Hanukkah present if you prefer. Or just consider it a present because we like you for you who you are.

The other big change we’ve made is that, now when you open the export window, you immediately see the web page version of the export. (In the old export system, you had to choose which type of export you wanted first.) The other formats are still there, but now they’re in a handy drop-down menu. You can still bookmark any format of export and the bookmark will always be up-to-date with the latest data in your application.

Finally, we’ve overhauled our PDF engine to make the PDF export more attractive and useful. The new PDF generator replaces all other print-ready versions, which we think nobody will mind because you now have a lot more options. You can choose the paper size, whether you want it printed portrait or landscape orientation, and you can adjust how you want Dabble to do page breaks. Once you’re happy, Dabble will create a PDF for you on-the-fly. For calendars, you can print a range of months, weeks or days, so if you want a print out of your weekly schedule for the next two months, it’s only a couple of clicks away. And as with everything else, you can bookmark a particular PDF with particular settings and come back to it at any time to get the latest data.


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