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I always love getting feedback from our users, whether good or bad. Bad is sometimes more useful, but good sure feels better. This bit of praise from a customer named Reilly turned up in our forums today:

I am ecstatic with Dabbledb overall…I was on the verge of buying a salesforce.com license for something like 800/yr for a massive, unnecessary feature-set when I found Dabble and discovered that it could do a better job at managing our sales process than salesforce. Great app!!

Surprised? After all, hosted applications for managing the sales process is what Salesforce does. They’ve got years of experience and tens of thousands of sales customers. And us? Nobody at Dabble has ever been on a direct sales team, or even used a CRM application - we certainly wouldn’t have the first idea how to build one.

But we didn’t build this CRM app. Reilly did, and Reilly has more experience with how his organization manages sales than anyone. All we did was give him the tools to create exactly what he needed. Like the good folks at 37signals we believe in fewer features and opinionated software, but we believe that it’s your opinions that matter most; not ours, and not Salesforce.com’s. We’re betting that nobody knows what your business needs better than you do.


  1. Steven Vu says:

    I've been using dabbledb for a while to manage our business.

    It'd be so useful if you had a tutorial on how to set up dabbledb to be used as a CRM. Users could then follow the tutorial and add in functionality that they need.

    Even better, have pre defined applications which users could start with. While you're at it chuck in a couple of tutorials on normalisation and entity relationships.

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