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Congratulations to the JotSpot team on their announcement today that they are joining Google. I vividly remember being riveted to my seat by the screencast demo the founders gave to InfoWorld’s Jon Udell in October of 2004. Joe and Graham’s vision of a world where small groups of users could take data management and simple application development into their own hands resonated deeply, and that was a turning point in getting Andrew and me to start seriously building out some of our own ideas in the same space.

In a funny coincidence, we’ve been treated today to a Udell screencast of our own: The Screening Room #10 is the result of an hour I spent on the phone with Jon yesterday, which he’s nicely edited down to an 18 minute video. Jon is a journalist without compare, and understands data on the web like nobody else; it’s a true honor to make it to his screening room. Enjoy.


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