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Congratulations to the JotSpot team on their announcement today that they are joining Google. I vividly remember being riveted to my seat by the screencast demo the founders gave to InfoWorld’s Jon Udell in October of 2004. Joe and Graham’s vision of a world where small groups of users could take data management and simple application development into their own hands resonated deeply, and that was a turning point in getting Andrew and me to start seriously building out some of our own ideas in the same space.

In a funny coincidence, we’ve been treated today to a Udell screencast of our own: The Screening Room #10 is the result of an hour I spent on the phone with Jon yesterday, which he’s nicely edited down to an 18 minute video. Jon is a journalist without compare, and understands data on the web like nobody else; it’s a true honor to make it to his screening room. Enjoy.

Dabbling on a 1000″ Screen

For those of you in and around Vancouver tomorrow, I’ll be giving a talk at the Vancouver Enterprise Forum event at Science World. I attended the same event last year, and wondered at the time how Dabble would look on the Omnimax screen. I look forward to finding out, and to hearing from the great lineup of other speakers. Come see for yourself — it should be a good time.

Clippy: It looks like your conference is ending, would you like to blog about it?

We had a good time at the Office 2.0 Conference, which wrapped up today. Thanks and congrats, Ismael, for pulling together such a smooth-running and well-attended event in only a few months. We met some sharp new people, like the folks at Coghead, who graciously provided us with food, drink and interesting conversation at their launch party, Eran Megiddo from the Microsoft Excel team, Kevin Hale of Wufoo, James Cham of Bessemer Venture Partners, and numerous others. We also got to see some familiar Valley faces like Debbie Landa, whose Under the Radar brand continues to gain momentum..

Another fun part was our demo pod: talking to people who had never heard of us or Dabble DB before. I love all the positive feedback we get in email and on the web, but it’s always very gratifying to see people “get it” and become excited in person as well.

Office 2.0

We’re heading down tonight to San Francisco for the Office 2.0 Conference, which we’re sponsoring as well as speaking at. Andrew will be on the Tools for Enterprise Mashups panel, and I’ll be sitting in on the Open Technical Session. We’ll also be running a “demo pod” throughout the conference so people can see Dabble DB in action.

Ismael has pulled together a great set of participants for this event and I’m very much looking forward to it. If you’re attending, please do come say hi (I look like this). If you’re not attending but want to try to squeeze in coffee while we’re in the Bay Area, let us know.

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