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Spilling ink

Once upon a time, computers promised us a paperless future. No more filing cabinets. No more file folders. Email instead of paper memos. File attachments and digital signatures instead of photocopiers and fax machines.

Of course it hasn’t really worked out like we thought. It turns out everyone has a secret love affair with paper. We keep lots of important data on computers, but we want it all on dead trees too. I think we all secretly believe the power will go out one day and never come back on.

Until that day, we’re hoping you’ll use Dabble to manage your data. But in a nod to your deepest, darkest fears, we’ve added a new feature to print data more easily.

When you open or edit an entry in Dabble, you’ll now see a Print entry link which opens a printer-friendly version in a new window. You can also export a whole view to this new format if you want to print out a set of entries one-per-page.

Ink and paper manufacturers rejoice.


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