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Compact and Pivot

One of the things we like to talk about is how Dabble DB lets you view your data in different ways without having to manually re-arrange things as in a spreadsheet. Move your columns around, add and remove subtotals, filter results, and do it all without affecting how your colleagues see the data. The data itself may be someone else’s business, but how you look at it is yours.

At the moment we have two primary views in Dabble: a table view which is similar to a traditional spreadsheet, and a calendar view, which lets you work with date-based information. People using Dabble with larger amounts of data have been asking us, however, for a variant on the table view which would allow them to see aggregate data.

For instance, if you have 5000 entries in a financial report and you’ve grouped them by a particular category, it could be useful to see just the subtotals for those groups. Well we’ve recently introduced exactly this feature. We call it compact view — it takes your normal table view, and squashes it to give you just the highlights. It also allows you to pivot data from being rows to being columns (from horizontal to vertical).

This can be a powerful way to look at data, so we’re very happy that it’s part of Dabble now. As usual with these sorts of things though, it’s often easier to show than tell, so without further ado, here’s a 60-second demo showing off the compact view, using a fictitious invoice application.

The demo starts with a list of invoices and then shows how you can use different types of grouping to get different summaries of the data.


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