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Launched and Funded: All Dabblers welcome

As reported in a number of places, Dabble DB is now officially open to the public. If you haven’t already, please watch our short demo video and give it a try for yourself.

Our launch is enabled in part by our second piece of news: we’ve now closed a venture financing deal with Ventures West here in Vancouver. As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, we’ve supported Dabble’s development with our consulting business up to this point. This has been great way to bootstrap, but now that we want to invite the whole world in, Dabble needs to have our full focus.

We won’t be disclosing the terms of the deal, but needless to say we’re quite happy with them.

In conjunction with the launch, we’re also releasing our first take at a Dabble Javascript API. Using this API, you can easily create forms to submit new entries to your Dabble databases, for example from a blog post or external web site. You can also get the data in any saved view as JSON objects, which you can use to build custom views of your data. We spent a long time evaluating different approaches to APIs, but chose to go with Javascript for one compelling reason: it allows you to integrate Dabble databases with other websites without any server side programming whatsoever.

Ismael Ghalimi, who has been an adventurous Dabble user, has been piloting the API. He’s been powering his Office 2.0 setup page with our API for some time, and is now also using it to backend his Intalio web site. To see examples of the external forms, you might want to leave him an Office 2.0 quote or perhaps tell him about your Office 2.0 setup.

More detail can be found in the API guide, which is also available from within the application.


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