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While we’re announcing things, it’s time to formally introduce some of the new faces at Smallthought:

  • We’re pleased to welcome Dr. Paul Kedrosky to our board of directors. We’ve been after Paul since seeing him speak at the Vancouver Enterprise Forum last October: he’s local, he’s data obsessed, he’s healthily contrarian, and he understands the intersection of the enterprise and consumer web better than anyone. Our early attempts to catch his eye may not have worked so well, but we landed him in the end. Paul joins us this week in conjunction with our new financing from Ventures West.
  • Luke Andrews of Attaboy Media is an old friend and the man behind Dabble’s stunning visual design. He’s also been involved in shaping the user experience since the very first prototypes. We consider him indispensable, which is why we’re so happy to have finally wrested him away from his other clients: starting next month, Luke will be working on Dabble full time.
  • I first worked with Colin Putney years ago when he was the CTO of Whistler.com and I was getting my start as a consultant. We’ve collaborated off and on since then, and his commitment to code quality, and broad range of managerial and technological skills have continued to impress me. When an opportunity came up to hire him earlier this year as a developer, we jumped at the chance.

We’re still a small enough group to get things done, but as we shift into high gear with Dabble it’s nice to have a little more horsepower. With a great team behind the product and great partners in Ventures West, we’re looking very much forward to the months ahead.


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