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Over the last month or so, we’ve been sending out invites to the first few thousand people who had signed up on our home page. It’s been fascinating and gratifying to see this initial group take to Dabble DB so quickly. We have customers from Reykjavik to Melbourne to Sunnyvale, using Dabble to plan everything from home renovations to software projects to symphony orchestras, or to manage their collections of books, wines, or industry contacts. They’ve kept us busy squashing bugs, responding to feedback, and adding requested features (I’ll post more on those shortly). There’s also been plenty of good discussion in our user forums.

Along with the private databases we expected, it’s also interesting to see some public uses emerging. Ismael Ghalimi’s Office 2.0 Database is an exported view of a Dabble application that lists and categorizes web-based productivity tools. He’s also integrated data feeds from Dabble deep into his ITRedux blog, seamlessly populating the Office 2.0 Setup sidebar and the list of contributors to the database. He describes this a little further here and here.

Public or private, it’s great to have users. Here’s to thousands more.


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