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Dabbling Under The Radar

Somehow we’ve ended up as presenters at next week’s Under The Radar conference. Odd how that happened. A few weeks back we took a day to sit in on Moose Camp here in Vancouver. Among the many interesting attendees, we had the chance to talk to Debbie Landa, who seems to really get this new wave of web apps. Good thing, because she also happens to be running UTR. We also gave her a quick look at Dabble DB, which she’s played with off and on since. In the middle of this past week, she had some questions and called me up.. after a bunch of Dabble talk she mentioned that one of her presenters had pulled out, and wondered if we’d be interested in filling in. Avi and I talked it over and, being amiable guys, figured “Why not?”.

So, we’re on our way down to San Francisco for Wed - Fri next week. I assume we’ll be pretty busy with the conference and related, but if anyone wants to meet up, there may be some time for it.


So the buzz on Dabble is heating up - but it ain’t all ours. Mary Hodder is talking up Bloqx Inc.’s upcoming product, and it has a familiar name. Just in case there’s any confusion, dabble.com, the video remix service, and dabbledb.com, our product, are not related in any way. I do wish that Mary had chosen a different name, but hey - imitation, flattery, and all that. Best of luck to the crew at Bloqx, and I look forward to the launch.

(Props to Andrew for titling this post)

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