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For those of you who, unlike me, don’t obsessively track every mention of Dabble on the net:

There’s a detailed review of Dabble at Brian Benzinger’s Solution Watch. Brian highlights some of our favorite features, like the pervasive undo link, the rich variety of exports, and the flexible system of saved views. And it’s great to see him get so much value out of the system without even getting into the more advanced features like linked entries, lists, backreferences, and migration. That’s exactly what we were hoping for: an incremental exploration of the available power rather than being paralyzed by featuritis up front.

Brian also links to the LispVan video, which has been surprisingly successful: it’s had thousands of downloads, and people seem to connect with it in a way that they don’t with static descriptions, screenshots, and tutorials. We’ll definitely be doing more screencasts in the near future.

More buzz from Patrick Logan (”This blows Ruby on Rails a bit out of the water…. should be a fundamental building block of those office applications you wish you had but would cost too much to develop”) and Chris Petrilli:

To put it to the test, I decided to implement my company’s internal asset database, currently stored in an Excel spreadsheet.

5 minutes.


So, that under the belt, I decided to also add our evaluation systems into it, and track all the equipment that goes in and out of the organization for evaluation by customers.

5 minutes.


That’s what I like to hear, Chris, that’s what I like to hear.


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