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So WordPress had neglected to notify me of about 300 comments posted in the last month or so. Since most of them were spam, that’s largely a good thing, but there were also 20 or so genuine comments in there that have been languishing in moderation-land. These have now been released; sorry ’bout that. We certainly didn’t intend this to be a one-way conversation. Herewith a few quick replies…

Alan: yes, “next thursday” is ambiguous (so is “thursday”, for that matter, if it’s currently Friday), but as long as Dabble takes a consistent position on what it means, I think the convenience of having it there outweighs the confusion of having it make the unexpected choice some times. The choice is explicit, after all: it’s converting to a fully specified date, and you can always check to make sure it got it right (and yes, this would work better if it used AJAX to do it instantly on unfocus).

Nima: Dabble so far has a fairly simple permissions system: effectively, you can restrict individual users to read or read/write access on specific categories of data. You can also hand out URLs to read-only exports/reports (HTML, PDF, RSS, etc) if someone should only see a very narrow, filtered view of the data, like a client getting to see work logs for their project.

ChonqQing: the purpose of inverse fields is to automatically track two-way relationships. So a Person might have a “Projects” field, and a Project might have a “People” field. Adding John to the Foo project’s list of “People” should also add Foo to John’s list of “Projects”. Removing Bar from John’s list of Projects should remove John from Bar’s list of People.

Randy: lots of good points, thanks. As for export to Excel: we currently do CSV, so that’s at least partly covered. For web services, we’ve built some quick and dirty APIs to start with, and are still trying to decide on a long term approach. One appealing option is the Atom Publishing Protocol. Comments welcome.


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