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FAQ #126

Question (as phrased by Ronald Welch, one of the many who’ve signed up for Dabble information):

Who or what do I have to beg, borrow or steal from to get an early release copy of Dabble? My first born hasn’t materialized yet so there might be some room of negotiation there…. =)


Unfortunately, our payment processing isn’t yet equipped to handle first-born children. However, we really do want to let everyone interested take Dabble for a spin, so we’ve been busy setting things up to accommodate the great response we’ve received so far. The first set of invites went out earlier this week, and another batch is going out tonight. We’re ramping up slowly, so please be patient.

If you’re going to be in the Vancouver BC area, you can see a live demo of Dabble at the upcoming Vanlisp meeting on Thursday, November 17 at Think!.


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